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The value of emotion in E-Commerce

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We have all seen the effect of ‘best practice‘ on digital design, particularly when it comes to ecommerce. Is there more to consider when designing for ecom? And are we missing an opportunity by driving more and more towards ‘a singularity‘? Brands spend a huge amount of time and money on standing out and creating an emotional response, only to forego this when it comes to their online stores. We set out to understand why…

This whitepaper focuses on the results of primary research which utilises AI to measure the emotional response of users to ecommerce platforms. Exploring the idea that current ecommerce best-practice is missing out on the potential value emotional design techniques can add to sales journeys and users’ likelihood to buy.

  • Ecommerce sites are becoming homogenised in a way that offers little brand differentiation or emotional pull to the product.
  • Evidence shows increased engagement when using animations, micro-interactions, hover-states, content-design etc.
  • With changes in approach to technical architecture, adding richer experiences to a website no longer needs to impact performance.
  • Discover how to best implement these findings on your platform.

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