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What are British grocery shoppers hungry for in 2021?


What impact has the coronavirus pandemic had on British consumers’ grocery shopping habits? How has it changed attitudes and beliefs about food? And where are our diets headed as we move towards recovery?

We answer these questions through in-depth research with 1,000 UK consumers, giving F&B brands invaluable insight for their forward planning. The data uncovers a variety of themes, including increased environmental awareness, a desire to make diets healthier and an ever-growing interest in plant-based nutrition.

Comparing data from our 2019 and 2020 F&B reports, we’re able to see interesting changes in meat consumption and alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, there are shifts in consumer spending as household incomes decrease and grocery spending goes up, resulting in a variety of winning and losing categories.

In addition to short-term behaviour changes, we’ll explore the behaviours that look set to stick around (like online grocery shopping). And we’ll see how the pandemic has opened up new opportunities for brands and retailers, with Brits looking for new ways to cook, eat and shop. So, sit down, make yourself comfortable and get ready to tuck into the very freshest F&B industry data.

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