Kraft brand marketing to use 2012 ads format

Kraft aims to use the Cadbury Spots v Stripes Olympic campaign as the model for customer engagement in future brand marketing, says Kraft Europe chief marketing officer Daryl Fielding.

Spots v Stripes: 2012 campaign

At The Annual, Marketing Week’s flagship conference, last week, Fielding said brand advertising must be part of a bigger idea that looks beyond how people use the product.

“Kraft is moving brand strategy away from a focus on the product, to engagement. If you want to have engagement, you have to connect with something consumers are already interested in.”

The £50m Spots v Stripes campaign, which launched in August, supports Cadbury’s Olympic sponsorship by inviting people to align themselves with one of the teams and get involved in playing games before, during and after the 2012 Olympics.

Fielding says Spots v Stripes is a reflection of the future direction of Kraft’s brand marketing because it is ideas-led and “transcends channels” to create a movement, not just a campaign.

Elsewhere in her speech, Fielding said marketers and agencies must look beyond the product and consumption and think about the consumer path to purchase when developing brand strategies.

She adds it is not enough to have a TV campaign with “a random collection” of add-ons such as social media or interactive games. “Marketers need to understand how each add-on will affect the purchase journey and add value,” she says.



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