Kraft: Brand strategy must look beyond consumption

The Annual: Marketers and agencies must look beyond the product and consumption when developing brand strategies, according to Daryl Fielding, Kraft Europe chief marketing officer. 

Speaking today at Marketing Week’s The Annual conference on smart thinking, working and engagement Fielding says that brand advertising must be part of a bigger idea that looks beyond how people use the product.

“Kraft is moving brand strategy away from a focus on the product, to engagement. If you want to have engagement in the world it has to connect with something consumers are interested in already.”

She says that Kraft will use the Cadbury Olympic sponsorship Spots and Stripes campaign as the model for future brand marketing.

“What’s interesting is when the ad is a servant of something bigger and part of a movement,” she says.

Fielding also believes that “something has to change” in the relationships between brands and their agencies to declutter the decision making process.

“To improve agency client relationships you need to have small teams. Creativity is fragile and its not objective so you need a tight pool of people working on ideas,” she says


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