Kraft data tool part of new marketing approach

Kraft is piloting a suite of electronic brand tools that use data to plot the most effective marketing investment for its brands.


Speaking as Kraft announced that it is to spin off its grocery business, Daryl Fielding, vice president of marketing for Kraft Foods Europe, says the new consumer journey tools have been developed to help Kraft prioritise channel and media investment.

It is part of a new approach to marketing within the global food business that she says “changes the conversation internally, between agencies, partners and consumers”.

Fielding says: “We’ve invested in creating a proprietary, bespoke [tool] that will help us understand where we can best place our marketing investment, where are the ’off ramps’ and the ’on ramps’ on the path to purchase and where we might lose consumers and where we might gain them.”

She adds: “This tool and thinking will enable you to understand where is the priority for the brand at that particularly point in its cycle and where you should most readily deploy your investment.”

The tool takes sales data and information about in-store marketing, on pack messaging and brand awareness and the consumers path to purchase.

It has already been used on the Tassimo coffee brand and will be applied to the LU biscuit brand, Milka chocolate and Mac n Cheese in the US.

Read marketing Week’s Q&A with Daryl Fielding here.


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