Kraft drops celebs in shift towards science

Kraft is dropping celebrities Lisa Snowdon and Johnny Vaughan from ads for its Belvita breakfast biscuit range as it looks to switch to promoting the nutritional benefit of the brand.


The company, which claims it created the breakfast biscuit category two years ago when Belvita launched, says it wants to differentiate the product through the science and nutrition behind it.

It aims to set itself apart from rival products such as Weetabix, which launched breakfast biscuits after Belvita.

Kraft will partner Belvita with nutritionist Fiona Hunter in activity later this year, after concentrating on brand building since it launched with ads starring then Capital FM breakfast show team, Snowdon and Vaughan.

Belvita is now worth £27.7m in the UK claims Kraft, making it the food company’s largest biscuit brand in the UK. The company hopes to build on its performance to drive category growth in breakfast biscuits throughout 2012.

Rahul Gursahani, senior brand manager at Kraft Foods, says that the strategy is about providing consumers with convenient solutions that contribute to a balanced breakfast, rather than educating people about eating a nutritious breakfast.

He adds: “Getting the right balance of science and emotion isn’t an easy message to land. If you don’t promote it enough then people won’t consider it a viable breakfast option, but if you do it too much then people feel guilty and like they’re being told what to do. The challenge is finding the right emotional ground for a science message.”