Kraft leverages Cadbury brand for Oreos in India

Kraft could look to increasingly launch its brands under the Cadbury name in emerging markets following the recent introduction of Oreo products in India as a Cadbury brand.


The food manufacture says that the decision to launch Oreo under the Cadbury brand in India was made locally because the Cadbury brand has stronger brand equity in the region that the Kraft brand, which is not so well known.

A spokeswoman for Kraft did not rule out the possibility that Oreo or other Kraft snack products could launch under the Cadbury brand elsewhere but says there are no plans at present to replicate it in other regions.

Kraft says the Cadbury brand will never be applied to Oreo in the UK or regions where the Kraft brand is “just as strong as Cadbury”.

When the product launched earlier this year Kraft said it was “leveraging the combined strength of Kraft Foods’ global scale and expertise and Cadbury’s strong track record in India”.

It also said that the launch is part of Kraft’s long-term strategy to introduce its wider food portfolio into India.

Kraft bought Cadbury in January 2010 as part of a £11.9bn deal designed to exploit “synergies” between the two companies portfolios and global strengths.

In the first full quarter after the acquisition, Kraft reported that Cadbury accounted for 90% of the gains made by the company.



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