Kraft ploughs resources into mega division

Kraft Jacobs Suchard has merged its retail divisions into a single sales department for the first time, and created the role of customer marketing director to oversee it.

Steve Newiss, former general manager of confectionery, has been promoted to the position and will have sales responsibility for all three divisions: coffee, which includes Maxwell House, Kenco and Carte Noire; confectionery, which includes Terry’s and Toblerone; and cheese/grocery, which includes Dairylea and Philadelphia. Kraft also merged its sales divisions in the US last year.

Confectionery marketing director Malcolm Kerr will become general manager for the division and report directly to Kraft managing director Brian Carlisle.

Nick Shepherd, general manager for coffee and food, retains his brand marketing responsibilities for both divisions and also reports to Carlisle.

Newiss joined Kraft in 1992 as general manager of cup vending arm Maxpax. He became sales director of Terry’s Suchard in 1994, and was promoted to general manager last year.

Kraft is understood to be reviewing its media planning and buying, handled by Zenith Media.


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