Kraft unveils Trident gum global campaign

Kraft has outlined the first global marketing strategy for its chewing gum brand Trident as it looks to promote the emotional benefits of the brand to appeal to a wider audience.

The company wants the new marketing strategy to move away from the oral health messaging of past campaigns and promote intangible benefits of the gum after previous adverts have focused on specific varieties such as Vitality, Layers and White.

The company kicked off the ‘See What Unfolds’ campaign with a 30-second TV spot that promotes the emotional impact the product has when consumed.
It will run in at least 17 countries including the UK and the US.

It marks the first time the brand’s marketing has focused on anything other than its health benefits since its debut TV campaign “Mastication for the Nation” was banned in the UK by the ASA for being racist.

A Facebook app will also launch later this month (16 April) to include a coupon element, in additon to the launch of a Trident smartphone app.

The campaign comes ahead of Kraft spinning off all its confectionery brands into a global snacks business called Mondelez later this year.



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