Kuoni acquires luxury tour operator

The Kuoni Group has acquired UK-based luxury tour operator Carrier, including its travel agency unit Carrier International. The move is part of the group’s bid to strengthen its luxury offering (MW September 18).

Kuoni will retain the Carrier brand name but will integrate the business into the group and take on its 84 employees.

The acquisition comes in the wake of wider growth plans within the luxury segment. “This is a key step for Kuoni, particularly given the fierce competition in the UK market,” says Max E. Katz the company’s chief financial officer.

Kuoni says there could be potential to take a more collaborative approach in its marketing in a bid to attract a larger share of customers in the premium end of the travel market.

Founded in 1980, Carrier is a provider of service-oriented travel arrangements worldwide. It specialises in beach holidays, safari, ski and guided tours segments within the luxury travel industry.


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