Kwik-Fit director quits for Faulds Advertising

Kwik-Fit marketing director Paul Yole is quitting to join Faulds Advertising agency, two years after taking up the post.

Yole devised the “You can’t get better than a Kwik-Fit fitter” line when he was with the now-defunct Hall Advertising ten years ago. He says: “There is nothing sinister about my leaving the job – I just miss advertising.”

At Faulds he will be a senior account director, but will not sit on the board. Both Yole and Faulds deny the move jeopardises the Morgan Partnership’s hold on the Kwik-Fit 15m advertising account – Scotland’s largest.

Yole says the agency was appointed by his predecessor, Peter Holmes, now Kwik-Fit managing director, and that the company is happy with its relationship. One source says: “The Kwik-Fit account is the Morgan Partnership. If it lost that, the agency would be in deep trouble.”

The Kwik-Fit fitters campaign was revived by the Morgan Partnership earlier this year, having been dropped five years ago.

Yole says his last task before moving to Faulds in July will be to develop a fully-integrated loyalty scheme for Kwik-Fit customers.

For nine years Yole ran his own agency in Australia called Bowtell Clarke & Yole.

It is not yet known who will replace him at Kwik-Fit.


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