Labour launches digital campaign to push manifesto

The Labour Party has launched a digital campaign to push its general election manifesto, which includes plans to setup a website for parents to complain about “aggressive” marketing to young people.

The activity aims to promote the pledges unveiled by Gordon Brown earlier today (12 April).

The series of animated online films, conceived and designed by Saatchi & Saatchi and Ridley Scott Associates, feature a family discussing what the manifesto means to them.

According to Saatchi & Saatchi, the films aim to “engage more people than ever before” in the contents of the manifesto.

Labour’s manifesto promised to setup up a website “for parents to register their concerns about sexualised products aimed at their children” to allow parents to “challenge aggressive or sexualised commercial marketing”. A similar idea from the Conservatives drew criticism from the advertising industry earlier this year as an example of “policy on the hoof”.

Other Labour pledges include:

  • A commitment not to raise income tax or to extend VAT to food, children’s clothes, books, newspapers and public transport fares.
  • An increase in the national minimum wage.
  • Confirmation of the Party’s intention to turn the Post Office into a “People’s Bank” offering an expanded range of financial services products.
  • A commitment to strengthen the “healthy” building societies sector.
  • Ensuring falling wholesale energy prices get passed onto households in lower prices.

The Conservative Party will unveil its manifesto tomorrow (13 April), while the Liberal Democrats will make its pledges on Wednesday (14 April).  


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