Labour plans pre-election outdoor blitz

The Labour Party is thought to be planning a series of national ads highlighting statistics such as “lowest inflation since the Sixties”, as one of its first moves before announcing a General Election. The advertising campaign will also talk up the Tories’ record of high interest rates, high inflation, two recessions and unemployment.

The ad campaign, created by TBWA/London, will use retro-themed posters evoking different periods in British history such as the Beatles era of the Sixties and the hippy movement. The executions will use the strapline “Britain is working. Don’t let the Tories wreck it again.”

The campaign will be launched later this week.

TBWA/London is remembered for creating the hard-hitting campaign during the 2001 General Election portraying William Hague and Michael Portillo as “Mr Boom and Mr Bust”. The ad, which resembled a film poster, appeared on 1,000 poster sites.


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