Labour plots ad drive to win over gay voters

Whitehall is gearing up to launch a consumer campaign aimed at unmarried partners, making them aware of their legal right to make divorce-style claims for financial support.

The move comes just in time for the General Election and for the Government to make a bid to attract gay voters to Labour.

It is understood that although the campaign will talk about providing new legal protection for all those people living together outside marriage, the Government will focus heavily on gay couples.

The move follows a reform in the law, spearheaded by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer which, while it will not give the same financial rights to cohabitees as married partners, will afford them a measure of financial protection.

Later this year, people in same-sex relationships will be able to register their unions as civil partnerships, giving them many of the rights conferred by marriage.

A spokesman for the Department of Constitutional Affairs says that after Easter the Government will discuss a “consumer strategy plan” for the campaign to look at the specific aspects of marketing and advertising.

A board consisting of key figures within the legal system will influence the strategy.



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