Labour readies TV ad

The Labour Party is to launch its first television broadcast of the general election campaign tonight (12 April) warning voters that Conservative economic policies will put the recovery at risk.

The “Road Ahead” party political broadcast stars “a modern everyman” played by actor Sean Pertwee recalling how Labour managed Britain through the recession with policies that the Conservative Party opposed.

He is seen “walking the road to recovery” through the British countryside talking about British “determination and resilience” in adversity.

Meanwhile, trade union Unison, one of the Labour Party’s biggest financial backers, has launched a poster campaign that warns voters that the Tories will cut public services. The campaign will target voters in marginal constituencies.

Separately, a Labour Party direct mail campaign has attracted criticism after leaflets were sent to women warning them that Tory policies on cancer could endanger their lives.

Door drops warning female voters the Tories would scrap a Labour guarantee on how quickly patients would see a cancer specialist were sent out last month.

Some of the 250,000 leaflets were sent to women who had cancer, leading to accusations that they were targeted.

Tory leader David Cameron has called on Gordon Brown to apologise, calling the targeting “sick”.

The Labour Party is to launch its general election manifesto later today ahead of the 6 May poll. The Conservative Party’s pledges will follow tomorrow (12 April).


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