Landlords given digital solution

In response to Robert Mayes’ letter MW October 7, all aerial systems will need to be able to receive digital terrestrial following Chris Smith’s recent announcement of analogue switch-off. It is true that some communal aerial systems will require modification in order to be able to do this. However the issue for satellite, which requires all buildings to be totally rewired if a communal satellite system is to be installed, is a serious and expensive one, costing about &£150 per home. Unsurprisingly, not many landlords have done this.

Fortunately the situation for digital terrestrial is somewhat different as many communal systems will already receive digital terrestrial without the need for any modification at all.

However, for those that do need upgrading, the DTT solution is simpler and cheaper than for a satellite system. Usually all that is needed is a modification to the communal aerial’s electronic distribution system. It does not usually involve any rewiring or an additional aerial. The work can be carried out in a couple of hours for about &£20 per home. All that is required is for the landlord or managing agent responsible for the aerial system to give the go-ahead.

ONdigital has set up a new division, called homesONdigital, to deal specifically with the issue of communal aerials.

We offer technical advice and upgrade information to local councils, housing associations, private landlords and management companies. We have also set up a landlord hotline on 0207 819 8030. We can help landlords and tenants to a low cost solution.

Rhys Grossman

Director of business development



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