Large baked beans sales growth revealed

Baked beans are back on the menu, with sales increasing 11% over the last two years, according to the latest research from Mintel. Britons spent £300 million on baked beans last year alone.

The research shows that over the last year 85% of consumers bought a tin of beans when shopping. Mintel attributes the growth to new varieties of beans including with organic, low salt and sugar, or with fresh herbs. It predicts that sales of baked beans will grow by 27% over the next four years.

Vivianne Ihekuweaza, senior consumer analyst at Mintel, says: “The introduction of more upmarket recipes as well as new varieties that are better for you, means that even after all these years, baked beans are still a regular fixture at mealtimes across the UK.”

In contrast, sales of canned pasta, such as spaghetti hoops and ravioli, have fallen by 8% due to the increase in people cooking their own pasta and perceptions that such products are unhealthy. Despite that, Mintel predicts that sales of canned pasta will grow by 12% by 2012, driven by new variants.


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