Laser beams as it scoops go-kart title

It’s been a busy few weeks for ITV. Not only does the organisation have a new marketing supremo (see Cover Story), it also has a winner in the Go-Kart Challenge.

The tournament reached its climax after a series of three heats with a team from sales house Laser taking the laurels last week. In a relentless pursuit of victory on the track, the “Trail BLasers” snatched victory from a team from Elida Fabergé.

Laser wins tickets to next year’s Silverstone Grand Prix and got the chance to race against the ITV/F1 team. ITV’s F1 pit-lane reporter Louise Goodman won, despite bloodthirsty shunting from Laser’s John Robinson.


British companies fail to invest in the Internet

Marketing Week

British companies are committing an average of only 3,000 to establishing and maintaining their Websites, despite a majority reporting that the sites had successfully increased business. Those firms which believe their Website is already delivering value to their business are prepared to spend nearer 4,000 on site development, according to a survey commissioned by law […]


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