Laser heads for pole position

The second heat of the F1 ITV Go-Kart Challenge was dominated by an alarmingly competitive team from ITV sales house Laser, calling itself the “Trail (B)Lasers”.

This single-minded group of drivers, who won the two-hour endurance race ahead of teams from Mediapolis and TMD Carat, look like the team to beat in the final, which offers tickets to next year’s Silverstone Grand Prix as a prize.

The Diary can reveal the team’s secret weapon is its ruthless coach, sales executive Martin Luck, who talked tactics from the sidelines after ruling himself out of the driving.

Apparently Luck, by his own admission, is too much “of a fat bastard” to race at speed in a puny go-kart, so he stood aside to let his whippet-like colleagues take the wheel and the glory.


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