Law resurfaces with global agency launch

Andy Law, one the founders of St Luke’s, is launching a global marketing services agency just months after his previous start-up, Boymeetsgirl, went into administration.

The agency, Law & Kenneth, is a partnership with the founder of St Luke’s India, Praveen Kenneth. The pair aim to set up a global network of agencies that are owned and operated locally. They do not have a launch client.

Law & Kenneth will launch in Dubai, London, Mumbai, Paris, Stockholm and Sydney over the next 30 days. It is claimed that launches will follow in 18 markets over the next year.

It intends to limit the size of its local offices to avoid too many layers of management or duplication of staff.

In March 2003, Law was forced out of St Luke’s, the agency famous for its non-hierarchical structure, following disagreements about the agency’s future. In June that year, he announced plans to relaunch Springer & Jacoby UK as Boymeetsgirl. Law describes the agency, which went into administration in March this year, as a “dynamic communications project”.

Boymeetsgirl, which operated officially for just over a year, failed to win any new clients, but was reappointed by Total Petrol Stations.


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