Lead qualification service halves wastage

A major UK data owner has launched a new ‘qualified leads as a service’ proposition intended to eliminate wasted data. Acxiom InfoBase-X Intelligent Leads offers a real-time platform to identify top performing leads, manage online acquisition campaigns and drive up ROI.

Currently, half the leads generated for any campaign are poor quality, according to Nick Martin, managing director of Acxiom UK. “A large proportion of online prospects fall outside of the correct target market and are therefore destined to clog up the sales funnel and increase call centre costs unnecessarily,” he says.

Martin adds: “However, the other 50 per cent represent great new business potential. The challenge for marketers is to identify which half is valuable for their campaign. In-market, well-qualified leads are urgently needed to help organisations improve their acquisition marketing performance.”

The new solution matches new leads to existing cosnumer data held by Acxiom. It then applies a PersonicX segmentation code to discriminate between potential targets. Data hygiene tests are applied to counter lead fraud, all in an instantaneous online process. “The goal is to enable marketers to make the most of their investment in online by helping them identify relevant leads and, ultimately, to win more new business,” he says.


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