Smart companies see marketing as end-to-end

The perception that what you do amounts to little more than ‘colouring in’ is one that has dogged the marketing industry for years.

Despite the best efforts of most marketers, it does appear that many of their colleagues in other departments still see it as being predominately about advertising and promotion. In short, an executional not strategic function.

Our feature ‘How to market marketing‘ lifts the lid on what professionals in manufacturing, customer service, HR, sales and purchasing think of marketing’s role. It’s not damning but it is sobering and sees marketing sitting behind sales and customer service in terms of others’ view of its strategic importance. A significant 16% don’t see it as essential to a company’s fortunes.

The piece is full of advice about how marketers can improve their standing in an organisation. There is always more that a marketer can do to sell marketing. Marketers shouldn’t descend into too much ponderous soul searching, however.

Successful companies know the importance of marketing; it is in their business DNA. There isn’t one company performing in the top tier of UK plc that doesn’t think marketing at the beginning, middle and end of strategy. Additionally, they do not create cultures where departments are working in silos, with only a passing appreciation of each other’s worth. Marketing, customer service and sales should all be working together to achieve the same goal – a fantastic experience for customers.

Any misunderstanding of marketing’s role isn’t entirely the fault of marketers. Myopic CEOs who see marketing as executional are at fault. Thankfully, they are becoming a rare breed. It’s with this in mind that we have launched the ‘CEO award for marketing’ at this year’s Marketing Week Awards, a nod to leaders and brands that have the vision to see marketing’s worth at the beginning and end of business strategy.

It is marketing’s end-to-end role that we are celebrating across all categories. We have awards for brands putting purpose before profit, for those that have earned the right to be called a market disruptor and yes, for execution, with awards for content, insight and storytelling strategies.

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