Learndirect dumps Jeremy Kyle sponsorship

Learndirect has axed its sponsorship of The Jeremy Kyle Show just days after he was condemned as a “human form of bear baiting” by a judge. He made the comments after a guest on the programme became the first person convicted of assault on a British talk show.

The Board of Ufi, which operates the Government-funded adult learning initiative, has taken the decision that continued sponsorship of the ITV show would not protect or enhance the reputation of Learndirect. The COI managed the sponsorship contract.

A COI spokeswoman says: “The criticism of the show – sparked by Judge Alan Berg’s remarks earlier this week – means that both Ufi and COI consider it no longer appropriate for learndirect to be associated with the programme.”

Judge Berg made his comments after security guard David Staniforth, 45, was fined £300 plus £60 costs for headbutting bus driver Larry Mahoney during a row on stage.

The security guard had been on the daytime show to describe how the bus driver had an affair with his wife after moving into their home as a lodger. As the pair squared up to one another on stage the security guard was filmed headbutting his rival, leaving him with blood pouring out of his nose. The footage was not broadcast by ITV.


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