Learning some industry lessons

I was very interested to read your article “Lessons to earn” (MWSeptember 8).Industry for Education Association (INDEA) has been established to provide a vital link between educators and commercial companies to help evaluate, monitor and balance the needs of education and the objectives of sponsors.

The resources these companies provide are, in most cases, invaluable and not what you called sticking plaster solutions. They provide new projects for teachers and pupils alike, which are constantly updated, unlike traditional text books. Indeed, the National Curriculum clearly defines the requirement to include “real world” issues and perspectives in all subject areas.

Our research indicates that this support is widely welcomed in schools by the vast majority of teachers because, in most cases, they are excellent materials. Where they are not they simply do not get used. It does not matter how much money companies spend, the gatekeeper is always the teacher. This puts the power where it should be, with the educators. The end of your article seems to give teachers little credit for their ability to control what they teach and how they teach it.Teachers are in a unique position to access and influence a wealth of constantly developing, new and exciting resources. They are in the driving seat; let them drive and at full speed. The more we can encourage industry to become involved in education the better the resources will become and the better teachers will be supported.

Jenifer Davies

Project director


London SW7


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