Leepeck needs patience of a Saint

LeepeckGreenfield, previously known on this page for its work with birds of prey (MW October 3), has landed a bit of sporty business. Anyone in the UK who follows football will be familiar with the stadium where England recently scored its 2-2 triumph against Macedonia. And many of you will be aware of the Premiership football team whose home ground it is – St Mary’s and Southampton FC.

LeepeckGreenfield won the advertising and marketing work for the club in a titanic five-way pitch, in which all players played to the tiring end, with no bookings or sendings off.

Southampton FC, or Saints as they like to be known, are usually found battling through the season to avoid relegation. Saints head of sales and marketing Paul Blanchard says: “The campaign has already struck a chord with fans and it’s the club’s way of recognising their fantastic dedication.”

The Diary thinks that anyone who can be dedicated to a team that fights a relegation battle every season deserves recognition.


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