Legoland offers Dome content loan

Marketers are coming to the rescue of the beleaguered Millennium Dome by offering their services to incoming chief Pierre-Yves Gerbeau.

Legoland Windsor, an attraction built from Lego, is considering loaning the Dome parts of its “Miniland zone” – or even building a smaller version of it for the Millennium Exhibition.

Legoland Windsor sales and marketing director Wendy Neal-Smith says: “If there are signs that Gerbeau is open to ideas, we would seriously consider approaching him. He needs to think creatively about evolving the Dome’s content cheaply, or without paying at all.”

Legoland’s “Miniland zone” is about 20,000 m/sq and houses famous European buildings, including Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral. It recently added a five-metre high Millennium Dome.

Meanwhile, branding agency Fitch is working on its own blueprint. European marketing manager Robin Kadrnka says: “The Dome needs a unifying theme, which must be managed throughout the entire experience – from the moment you leaving your home to the moment you return. We would be interested in managing that experience and are looking at how that could be done.”

Gerbeau replaced Jennie Page as chief executive of the New Millennium Experience Company this week.


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