Leo Burnett creates campaign for spicy Heinz beans

Leo Burnett has created a television campaign for the launch of Heinz’ latest brand extension Heinz Mean Beanz, a range of spicy beans. The TV activity runs for five weeks and is part of a multi-million pound launch campaign. The ads show a ‘Mean Bean’ hanging out on the ‘mean side of town’, in a world of shadowy cans and dark streets. The activity includes one 30-second and two 10-second executions, designed to raise awareness of the range and encourage sales. In the 30-second ad, a can of Mean Beanz rises up with a voice-over declaring: ‘My modder once say to me ‘Why be nice when jou can be mean?’.’ A Heinz Mean Bean paces up and down on the can as he continues: ‘She was a mean bean, my modder. But I’m one mean son-of-a-bean. OK, now eez time for dee spice wars.’ The ad ends with the strapline ‘Heinz Good Food Every Day’. Media planning and buying is by Vizeum.


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