Let pitch guide you out of creative dead-ends


There needs to be a grown-up conversation about creativity.

A gap has opened up between the perceived value of creative work and its genuine market value. That gap means many marketers out there aren’t getting the best value out of their agencies. The same goes for other agency disciplines such as planning: vital when executed well.

As of today, the editorial and commercial teams that bring you Marketing Week are taking the Pitch agency showcase brand under their wing. We’re simplifying it and giving it a purpose. Marketing Week’s Pitch is now all about one thing putting great work and agency expertise in front of an engaged marketing audience.


Every agency of any kind that subscribes to Pitch will see its best work and most innovative thought leadership exposed to idea-hungry marketers in this magazine, online at MarketingWeek.co.uk and throughout our portfolio of events such as Marketing Week Live! You’ll see early examples of what I’m talking about within Marketing Week’s pages.

Our audience is the reason we at Marketing Week feel we can add value to this debate; three years ago we were not the leader in our print market. We are now. Our magazine audience (average 30,431 marketers) is more than 10,000 readers ahead of our nearest competitor according to the 2011 Audit Bureau Circulation figures published this week. And MarketingWeek.co.uk winner of the 2011 Best Business Website according to the Association of Online Publishers generates well over 1 million page impressions a month.

Plenty of marketers among our readership don’t know (or care) a whole lot about “agency land” outside of the relationship they have with their own partners. That’s understandable I find there’s often a lot of PR fluff and idle gossip to penetrate before you reach the really good stuff coming out of agencies: the winning creative, the sharpest planning. That’s the part Pitch will now be exclusively dealing with. What does a marketer need from his or her agency in this rapidly shifting world? What do the most successful relationships between client and agency have in common? What kind of work is going to get you to where you need to be and how do you find the agency best equipped to produce it? What hidden value can agencies add to your business if you have the right kind of relationship and what skills within your agency should you be exploiting for competitive advantage? As I said, a grown-up conversation.

Marketing Week’s Pitch aims to give you answers when you’re facing a creative dead-end. Pitch news, viewpoints, video interviews with creative giants and investigations into the most successful case studies will point you towards in-depth agency portfolio pages containing all their best work and more at http://pitch.marketingweek.co.uk/. There are further exciting Marketing Week product launches to look forward to this autumn but in the meantime, if you want to know more about the Pitch product, get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.



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