Let what’s left of your hair down

The Diary remembers its student days, which apparently means that it never quite got the point of university life. But when it wasn’t sleeping in until Countdown started, stealing traffic cones or deciding which of its many ridiculously long scarves to wear, the Diary was enjoying life down at the Student Union.

So when the opportunity arose to give something back for all those years of heavily subsidised drinking sessions, how could the Diary refuse? SUBtv, the Student Union media company, is holding a Fairtrade Music Event at The Coronet, Elephant and Castle, on May 27. Indie band Starsailor headline the event, which also boasts a selection of top DJs whose names mean absolutely nothing to the ageing Diary.

Tickets are available from ticketweb.co.uk or by calling 0870 060 1793 and all proceeds go to the Fairtrade Foundation. Now where did the Diary leave its Doc Martens…?


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Finding stories for the Diary isn’t the easiest job around. Many hours are spent trawling the advertising world looking for quirky or irreverent snippets to satisfy our legion of fans (they are called Godfrey and Eileen and live in Goole). Yet sometimes a story comes along that writes itself. The Rockingham motor-racing circuit is holding […]


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