Let’s not see recycling fall by the wayside

The article entitled “Brands sign up to London recycle push” (MW September 15)â led me to wonder whether the Coca-Cola company was one of the signatories to the scheme. For a long time I have thought that the likes of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s should pay some sort of environmental taxâ given that their cans, bottles and cartons litter every roadside of our country.

I collected a selection of 12 plastic bottles and cans, all bearing the Coca-Cola logo, on a recent half-mile stroll down to our local pub in rural Wiltshire, all dropped or thrown out of cars in the past six months. Multiply this number by the 2.5 million miles of roads in this country and we can assume that about 60 million Coke cans litter our streets.

Since bottles and cans are not biodegradable, one can safely conclude that many of these will be visible for decades.

Come on Coca-Cola, you have made tens of millions of pounds in profits over the past 40 years in this country; how about showing some

evidence of environmental responsibility – or are you going to continue to put your head in the sand and deny all the facts?

Andrew Mallinson


Straight Bat Marketing

Hungerford, Berks


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