Let’s spend the knight together

It interesting to see that Ford, under Sir Nick Scheele – a personal friend of Sir Martin Sorrell – has decided that all of its marketing services are to be supplied by WPP Group (MW last week). It is also interesting to note that Scheele’s son is employed by WPP on its sought-after Fellowship programme in New York.

Although it might appear sensible for a multinational such as Ford to have a single global advertising and marketing network handling all of its various services, is a deal of this nature actually in the interests of Ford and its shareholders?

For Scheele to issue a directive to all of Ford’s marketing departments, instructing them to work with WPP companies, illustrates at best interference and at worst risks putting his friendship with Sorrell above his own business integrity.

Having acted in this manner, it is only right that Scheele should now consider his own position.

Paul Schoonenberg

London SW1


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