Letters: Meet the locals

Your article ‘New leverage in local media?’ rightly highlights the massive opportunity presented by the local TV revolution for brands seeking to reach new audiences.

Over the past year we have worked closely with the Local TV Network to create a sustainable model for local channels that has broken down prohibitive barriers to entry such as high infrastructure costs and difficulties commercialising output with advertising.

Through this collaboration, local TV is being revitalised, bringing new value to over 12 million homes across the country – but also opportunities for large brands that want to focus on regional audiences and local SMEs looking to expand their reach.

Ed Hall, chief executive, Comux 

iBeacons need to shine

After reading ‘Youths discern a discord in digital’ I was interested to see that store integration wasn’t an option in the ‘Most popular future technologies’ chart, especially as discounts and offers are the most useful to a young audience. Bluetooth in the form of iBeacons is the platform to allow brands to push location-specific data to trigger content display in their own native apps. Of course, the user could delete the app, turn off Bluetooth and change settings, but will they, for fear of being excluded from their social circle? After all, the fear of missing out both informally and socially is the teenager’s true addiction.

Jonathan Lovatt-Young, head of service and experience design, Tribal Worldwide



Ruth Mortimer

Four critical characteristics of the modern CMO

Ruth Mortimer

What is a chief marketer in 2014? I’ve been busy hosting sessions and taking part in panels at this year’s Advertising Week Europe in London – see our cover feature for details – and I’ve come up with four things you need to know about the chief marketing job right now.


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