Letters: Think small but also smart

It’s satisfying and timely to hear Mark Ritson call for a focus on Small Data over Big Data. A report published this week by The World Federation of Advertisers and The Customer Framework found that across 47 member organisations the secret to tangible data success needs is a strategic focus on what data is needed and how it will then be used. Technology is a key enabler but without a data strategy to direct it and the people and processes to manage it and derive actionable insights, success is rare. By all means, aim big; but start small and think smart.

Nick Broomfield, managing partner, The Customer Framework

Safe in the net of things

While companies benefit from using customer data, consumers of such technologies in the ‘internet of things’ market need to be educated on the risks of their data being used for purposes they did not intend. Approaches to data privacy and security are not keeping pace with technology, creating “regulatory holes” and ethical grey areas. 

Brands should set ethical precedents before lines become blurred to become more trusted in the eyes of consumers. Data protection isn’t just an IT problem. Transparency is vital to maintain brand reputation.

Jane Frost CBE, chief executive officer, Market Research Society

P&G shows the digital way

Procter & Gamble’s 30 per cent digital media spend is a huge step in FMCG and offers further evidence that brands are realising the benefit of digital, social and mobile ads over more conventional channels.

Recent IAB research suggests four out of five people feel more inclined to buy a product after seeing
a brand’s social media presence and a majority would trial a brand’s product. This shift means that digital-first campaigns should play a central rather than supplementary role in a brand’s marketing strategy.

James Briscoe, managing director, Unique Digital

P&G has a history of exploring how to engage users in digital environments so it’s no surprise that it is increasing its presence
in digital. P&G has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to engagement and I take my hat off to it – and other brands – for pushing the frontier. It is these forward-thinking companies willing to try new ways to engage customers that will see higher returns from digital.”

Paps Shaikh, European GM, Say Media

Mind the email gap

I wasn’t surprised by Secret Marketer’s results from responding to email marketing. Automated systems and non-targeted campaigns are a marketer’s bread and butter unfortunately. 

An effective alternative is personalised video, which pulls in first party data from companies to reach audiences and make
them feel like more than just a number. Using customer data to your advantage – which includes actually utilising those insights in your communications – isn’t just beneficial for your business but also for your customers. It’s a reciprocal process – the more looked after the customer feels, the more they will trust your brand. Personalisation will change the marketing landscape but the first step is getting the basics right.

Dotan Ginsbourg, UK managing director, Idomoo 



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