Ray Kieser, Group Managing Director – SGK Europe, has drafted a letter in response to the piece on ‘The New Law of Being Average’.

The concept of brands striving to be ‘average’ is profoundly limiting. I challenge anyone who believes that brand performance can be attained by aiming at average. Mass market yes, and category leading, certainly. But average? “Average” has never in the history of marketing been an effective driver of brand profitability. Whilst aiming simply to be average, how can companies ever push forward and innovate?

Given the huge array of FMCG goods on offer, to stand out there needs to be a personal connection with shoppers from the shelf out – whether through longstanding heritage, trust built on quality, or desirability for younger assertive brands. This connection has to be made from the knowledge of what will drive that individual to make that particular purchase.

With the constant flux in consumers’ expectations should come the desire to flex symbiotically with them. If a brand is ‘average’, what does that say about the consumer?



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