Levi’s name is built on quality

The article, “Levi’s must give choice back to its consumers” (MW October 29), completely misses the point. Consumers have 2,000 Levi’s authorised dealers to choose from with prices that range from 35 to 55. Levi’s does not set or even recommend retail price.

The consumer gets choice of outlets and price plus great service, stock selection and a brand experience. This isn’t “take it or leave it”, but real choice. As brand owners we have a duty to ourselves and consumers to maintain a strong brand through good times and bad. We’ve built Levi’s reputation on great products and service, not PR stunts.

Tesco has the choice of meeting our retail distribution criteria (price is not one of them) or taking a free ride on the back of our investment.

Jack Cosgrove

General manager

Levi-Strauss (UK)



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