Levi’s to develop electronic gadget clothing

Fashion giant Levi’s is seeking a partner to develop a range of electronic apparel, which could include a jacket with a built-in music system.

The company is understood to be in talks with consumer electronics companies with a view to developing a dual-branded range of clothing for the European market.

Among the ideas the company is reportedly working on is a jacket with a built-in music system and mobile phone. It is preparing for a possible launch in selected outlets later this year.

A Levi’s spokesman says: “We are looking at a range of options but we have not signed any deals. There are a number of different electronic features which can be incorporated into apparel.”

A number of other fashion brands are believed to be working on electronic clothing ranges, which will be launched later this year. Consumer electronics giant Philips is one of the companies involved in the development of the technology. Its ideas include a video camera built into children’s clothing, which allows parents to keep track of their children, and satellite positioning systems as a safety feature in ski-wear.


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