LG bolsters film credentials with Times sponsorship deal

LG Electronics has signed a sponsorship deal with The Times and The Sunday Times in an effort to strengthen its association with the UK film industry.

Go with the vision: LG ads will run in supplements and in cinemas
Go with the vision: LG ads will run in supplements and in cinemas

The electronics company will sponsor the newspapers’ supplements, in particular the Sunday paper’s Culture magazine, over a 12-month period.

Times readers will be given the chance to win tickets to watch films across the UK in Vue cinemas, where LG will set up displays of its home entertainment products in the foyers.

Press ads will run in Times’ supplements, beginning next month, and LG will run existing TV ads in cinemas. It plans to review whether to create new ads to promote its home entertainment solutions.

LG marketing manager for digital media Daniel Aziz says: “The deal is very much about how LG can bring together its connection to movies as opposed to just pushing the technology. The campaign aims to show how LG loves movies just as much as consumers and how it can bring the cinematic experience to the home.”

This is the first time LG has worked with the News International-owned papers to push its association with film.

The Times is the official sponsor of the BFI London Film Festival, an event that showcases the best films from around the world. LG has also helped The Times fund activity around the festival.


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