Lidl’s Christmas campaign promises to cut through ‘opulence’ of other ads

Lidl is delivering ‘a Christmas you can believe in’ as it continues its strategy to be known for more than just price.

Lidl is promising ‘a Christmas you can believe in’ as it looks to provide a realistic portrayal of the festive period.

The campaign, created by Karmarama, captures various families as they prepare for the key moments of Christmas, whether it’s packing for the journey home, the big Christmas shop, a festive get-together or the Christmas day lunch. Consumers are shown enjoying a wide range of festive food and drink as the brand focuses on the diversity of its offering and not just price.

Claire Farrant, marketing director of Lidl GB, says: “Christmas is a time for togetherness and enjoying your family traditions, whatever they are. During Christmas we are surrounded opulence and grandeur and our campaign is trying to cut through that.”

Lidl on its new marketing campaign: We want to be as famous for quality as we are for price

In order to ensure the campaign struck the right tone, Lidl carried out extensive research into Christmas experiences. Social anthropology and data analysis revealed new traditions, including face-timing your partner in the company of your family, as well as older traditions such as grabbing emergency chairs from the garden shed.

The campaign will run across out-of-home, radio, digital, social and TV.

While there are less obvious jokes than last year, Lidl is still hoping to keep a witty and humorous tone, with the ad including a buffering face-time call to a mother putting back a keyboard for her daughter noting to her partner “remember the keyboard phase”.

Farrant adds: “Our focus on quality at a Lidl price ensures shoppers don’t have to compromise, and can everything they want this festive season, whether it’s our acclaimed Hortus gin range, premium cheeses or free-range turkeys. That’s a ‘Christmas you can believe in.”

The Christmas ad is part of the discounter’s wider marketing strategy to focus on quality not just price. In June the brand released its “big on” campaign which looked to convince shoppers that Lidl should be the destination for their big weekly shop.

Speaking to Marketing Week at the time Farrant noted: “This campaign has real legs and we are going to stretch this to as far as it can possibly go.”