Lifting the mystery of advertising agency speak

The Diary ceaselessly strives to make the lives of marketing directors and advertising managers that little bit easier.

In a spirit of altruistic helpfulness we are publishing a guide to ad agency speak. So that when you next hear an adman issue one of the following statements, just nod knowingly: “We’ve taken a radical approach” really means “we gave this job to students”; for “we’ll certainly consider that” read “don’t make me laugh”; “that’s a good point, butä” really means “I’ve heard some rubbish in my time”.

“We’ve done a lot of analysis” means “the invoice is bigger than you expected”; for “this is award-winning work” read “you won’t understand this”.

Anyone with new insights into agency client speak, should give the Diary a call. The usual grubby £5 note for interesting ideas.


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