‘Likely to see’ as valid for TV as outdoor…

Guy Abrahams is right in asserting that faith in television advertising is unlikely to be dimmed by a qualitative study of eight households that demonstrates people do not pay 100 per cent attention to every ad they are physically present for (MW February 20).

He also says that it is common sense that not everybody who looks at a newspaper for two minutes reads every page and that it is possible to pass poster sites without seeing them. Both of these points are valid, but I suspect you will have had a heavy post bag from the poster industry pointing out that Postar is designed to reflect real life by delivering a “likely to see”, net audience for poster campaigns – unlike other media research.

Postar covers roadside campaigns, but it will cover rail, bus, shopping mall and supermarket campaigns by the end of the year: thus making all major poster formats comparable and eliminating the guesswork for media planners, leaving time for speculation on the value of a semi-conscious exposure on the sofa.

David Pugh

Managing director, Maiden Outdoor and chairman of the

Outdoor Advertising Association

London SW1


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