Lil-Lets to relaunch core range

Feminine hygiene brand Lil-lets is poised to relaunch its range of non-applicator tampons.


The relaunch intends to attract younger women to the brand, which currently has a core audience between 35-45.

The new packs are colour-coded by absorbency to making it easier for consumers to identify their usual pack and give the brand greater on-shelf. The new design has done away with the lilac colour which the brand previously used on all it’s packaging, but retains the dark blue colour used in the Lil-Lets logo.

The packaging has been redesigned by Seymourpowell with a “strong contemporary, feminine design” following the brand style adopted for the re-launch of Lil-Lets’ compact applicator range, which was the focus of marketing support in 2009.

The brand claims the new pack design makes the products 20% quicker to find on self than the outgoing lilac packaging.

Jackie Roberts, senior brand manager of Lil-lets, says: “The redesign of our flagship product will increase stand-out on shelf, clearly differentiating Lil-lets from other tampon brands and retailer own brands. With consumers spending so little time at the feminine hygiene fixture, we are confident that the new packaging will work hard for the brand at point of purchase”.

Last year the Lil-Lets launched an online campaign via YouTube directly comparing itself with rival tampon brand Tampax. The brand intends to use further online marketing this year following the success of its YouTube campaign.


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