Link the brand, the activity and the prize

Every week brands launch promotional campaigns to retain and gain customers and give themselves standout from their competitors. This is great news for the industry but sometimes there seems a tenuous link between the activity, the prizes and the brand.

Who would say no to winning a cash giveaway prize, but doesn’t it feel rather lacklustre and uninspiring? Marketing budgets are tight, but this should mean we see more creativity not less.

Knowing your core audience is paramount, but with so many aspirational and motivational incentives available, why then is there often a weak link between a brand’s key message, its core values and personality, the activity and the prizes on offer?

A good example of a brand that has got it right is Hula Hoops Golden Hoop Awards competition, which asks consumers to make short films featuring creative Hula Hoop finger puppets. The public vote for their favourite and prizes include trips to Hollywood. This on-pack campaign, supported by a TV ad, is fun and creative with a wide appeal. Hula Hoops is the strong key message throughout and the film theme is carried through to the Hollywood trip prize.

Justine Clement
Managing Director


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