Little mystery to exposure to TV

Chris Boulding refers to AGB Mediaspan in his article “Drowning by numbers” (MW March 10) as a product which links Superpanel purchasing data with BARB data by assuming similar demographic households behave alike, and therefore “the direct impact of airtime exposure remains a mystery”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Superpanel and BARB panel members are linked by the similarity of their patterns of TV viewing, obtained from a media questionnaire administered to Superpanel housewives every six months. The exact methodology has been fully described in an ESOMAR paper, copies of which are readily available.

Whilst he may think the direct impact of airtime exposure remains a mystery, the clients of AGB who have used Mediaspan do not.

Andrew Roberts

Technical Director

Taylor Nelson AGB

London W5


Marmite raising a few eyebrows

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