Littlewoods strikes at Lottery…

Littlewoods Pools is to target thousands of retailers as it prepares to take on the National Lottery with the launch of Pools “playstations” in independent shops.

The Pools relaunches with its first television advertising campaign, understood to break next week. Creative work is by Lowe Howard-Spink.

The relaunch follows changes in Government regulations for Pools operators aimed at levelling the playing field with the National Lottery.

Littlewoods has already changed the way its Football Pools operate, and plans to simplify its coupons to make it easier for new players to take part.

A Littlewoods Pools spokes-man says the new drive for players through retail outlets comes as a result of regulation changes.

“We will give the retail side a higher profile. The introduction of playstations is being actively considered, and will be backed by point-of-sale material. Shopkeepers say Pools and National Lottery games fit hand in glove, as Pools are played at the beginning of the week, and the Lottery on Fridays and Saturdays,” says the spokesman.

He adds that there are still thousands of shops which do not have National Lottery playstations. Initially, the playstations will go into independent retailers, but could be followed by a launch through multiples.

In its television advertising campaign, Littlewoods Pools had planned to state that the likelihood of winning on the Pools is twice as great as on the National Lottery, but advertising guidelines set by the Independent Television Commission have forbidden such comparisons.