Littlewoods takes axe to charity scratchcards

Lotteries division launches cull of underperforming charity games following UKCL acquisition

Littlewoods Lotteries is culling a number of its charity scratchcard games – among them the Samaritans scratchcard, which has been axed halfway through its run without the charity being informed.

A spokesman for the Samaritans was surprised to discover from Marketing Week that the so-called “Las Vegas” game had been withdrawn, despite selling half its 1 million cards since its launch last summer.

A spokesman for Littlewoods says a large number of the 50-plus charity games which Littlewoods produces have been withdrawn as part of the UKCL/Littlewoods amalgamation review.

He claims all charities concerned have been informed: “We have to decide which games are still appealing to the public – the Samaritans is one which has been called in.”

He adds that the game has sold “as many tickets as it can”, and that other charity games have also failed to sell as well as the company hoped.

The company has already run one game for the Samaritans, which raised 195,000.

Littlewoods acquired UKCL last December, which took over Scratch & Win. The second Samaritans game was originally launched by Scratch & Win.

United Response, a charity for people with learning difficulties, is said to be in a similar position with its scratchcard game, although there was no one available for comment as Marketing Week went to press.

The Littlewoods spokesman says the scratchcard market has “shrunk quite considerably”, adding that Littlewoods therefore “needs games which appeal to the public”.

Littlewoods Lotteries has hired design agency Coley Porter Bell to rebrand its scratchcards.


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