Lloyds TSB funds ads

Lloyds TSB, which sponsors the rugby union Six Nations Championship, has announced a partnership with the Prostate Cancer Charity to raise awareness about the disease.

Saatchi & Saatchi has created a campaign to break on February 3, coinciding with the rugby tournament. Buying is through Zenith Media.

The campaign will run for a month using national press, matchday programmes and perimeter advertising in stadia to get the message across.

Lloyds TSB claims the campaign is part of its commitment to the community. One ad shows a rugby crowd and proclaims: “If we had a minute’s silence for every man in today’s crowd who’s going to get prostate cancer, kick-off would be at 8 o’clock. Tuesday.”

Explaining the reason why rugby was targeted, a spokesman for Lloyds TSB says: “We want to generate awareness and understanding of the disease. But the challenge for Lloyds TSB and The Prostate Cancer Charity remains educating the public.

“The strength of the opportunity provided by rugby is in the game’s appeal to men and women.

“Many of the men in the audience are in the group most vulnerable to prostate cancer, which is men aged over 40, but their partners also have a role to play.”


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