Lloyds TSB launches website to advise flood-hit consumers and businesses

Lloyds TSB has launched a website in response to the UK’s worst floods offering people advice, contact numbers and website links for domestic consumers and small businesses. The site, www.helpimflooded.co.uk was completed in 72 hours and is designed to help and support both Lloyds TSB and non-Lloyds TSB customers.
Search conversion agency Tamar built and optimised the website for Lloyds TSB. The site comprises 17 pages and will be promoted through natural search engine optimisation.
Simon Roberts, eBusiness implementation manager at Lloyds TSB Insurance says: “During this difficult time, we wanted to try to help the general public as quickly as possible. Drawing upon our existing relationship with Tamar, we knew they could respond to our request and deliver something that would be extremely helpful to not only our own Lloyds TSB customers, but to anyone affected by flooding across the UK. We will be continually updating the website to provide as much information as possible over the coming weeks.”


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