Lloyds TSB sees two TV campaigns banned by regulator

Lloyds TSB has been found guilty of running misleading TV ads for its Money Manager product by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).


The campaign received one complaint in March because a viewer found the service had not yet launched, and visitors to the bank brands were instead invited to submit contact details.

The ASA upheld the viewer’s complaint, and ruled the ad should have made clear the service was not yet available to avoid misleading consumers.

The banking group was also ticked off by the regulator for a TV ad marketing its insurance services. A viewer complained the ads were misleading because they implied you would get a visit from a personal claims consultant.

The complainant said when they made a claim a personal claims consultant was not assigned to them, as in fact the service was only available to its Home Solutions insurance product.

Despite recognising the ad had made attempts to make this clarification, the ASA said it wasn’t clear and ruled the ad was misleading, and banned it from being shown again.


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