Local brands most trusted, says report

Local brands are more trusted than any other sector, according to research from outdoor advertising agency Kinetic.

In its latest Moving Minds study into consumer trust, local brands were seen as the most trusted by 55% of respondents.

Supermarkets followed closely with 47% indicating it was the most trusted sector.

However, high street retailers have seen confidence drop 10% since the previous report in April, with only a quarter saying they have trust in the sector.

The research also found that outdoor campaigns lead to a third of consumers taking some form of action after seeing an outdoor ad. More than a quarter discussed an outdoor campaign face to face, 23% took a photo of it, 21% searched for further info and 15% talked about the campaign via Facebook.

The research is part of Kinetic’s strategy to drive understanding that outdoor advertising can help build trust in brands, and follows a research project in partnership with JCDecaux last year.

A spokesperson for the outdoor agency says that because outdoor advertising is open and in public spaces, it can help create trust for the campaign messages.

“People see outdoor ads as being more transparent. If a brand is willing to put a message out there where anyone can see it, consumers consider it more trustworthy.”


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