Lock this landlubber in the padded… brig?

Staff at the Yellow Submarine really have lost the plot this time. Either that or the motivational speakers they hired recently (MW November 25, 2004) left some “motivational substances” behind. How else to explain this photo? The Diary is assured it depicts Tony Aiello, creative director of the agency, “living the brand”. To these eyes, he looks more like he’s selling frozen fish fingers.

The agency prides itself on its nautical theme – it even has a “poop deck” in its offices, where staff can, er, empty their torpedo tubes and unload their cargo – although whether this extends to providing a daily rum ration is unclear.

And without wanting to appear too much of a Blue Meanie, the Diary has a piece of trivia for the crew of Yellow Submarine: the Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class submarines, when on patrol, maintain radio silence for months on end. Now get back to work.


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